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About Annie

Annie has been working in the field of mental health since 2016, and a Licensed Professional Counselor for the last 5 years. She attended and graduated from Xavier University with a Master’s degree in mental health counseling. 

Annie specializes in working with individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, Neurodivergent, ADHD, OCD, and on the Autism Spectrum. She has had a wide variety of experiences in her life, which allow her to offer a non-judgmental, pragmatic approach to therapy with an emphasis on finding joy and empowerment with her clients. Annie has experience working with a variety of individuals who all express having difficulty with feeling comfortable in their own skin and are looking for a way to be more of themselves in public and private situations.

Annie’s primary approach to most situations that might arise during counseling is to ask questions in order to assist you in identifying what is true for you. She brings a relaxed, relatable, approach to the therapeutic relationship, and supports each person being exactly where they are. Annie is passionate about the journey toward self-empowerment and actualization. Based on her own experience and journey toward greater self-understanding she brings a personal touch to each person she engages with, and offers a different point of view and possibility when it comes to mental health.

 “I like to approach counseling from the point of view that you are a whole person with all of the information to find healing within you. My job is to simply facilitate that journey. We have not been taught to trust ourselves, but it is my belief that we can all be our own healers, and find that space of trust, empowerment, and vulnerability that works for us. Most individuals who see me are in the midst of a transition, in search of their own identity, or seeking a way to engage with their differences and establish a way for it to work for them.” -Annie Memmott LPCC 

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